My Favorite Podcasts

I am constantly traveling due to visiting my family and boyfriend and to be honest, music gets old quickly. 90% of the time I am now listening to podcasts when I am driving unless I have people in the car:). I love podcasts because I am constantly learning new things and it keeps my attention. I could literally learn about anything I want, from business tips all the way to murder cases (all are interesting). Here are some of my top favorite podcasts! These are not ranked in order!!

1. The Skinny Confidential
Age Recommendation: 18+ women and men
The Skinny Confidential is hosted by Lauryn Evarts and Micheal Bosstick. This power couple discusses everything from skincare, business, productivity, sex, health, etc. They are hilarious and interview many successful people. One thing I love about this podcast is that they ask whoever they interview specifics about their lifestyle. For example, they will ask what they're morning routine, healthy habits, etc. This helps the listeners realize that successful people are still humans but have good habits. For example, a constant pattern that I have noticed is that many successful women drink warm water with lemon in the morning. Also, meditating, eating healthy, and having a skincare routine is often part of successful people's lives. Although women are the main audience for the podcast and Lauren's blog, I believe men can receive great value from the podcast as well!

2. Mind Pump
Age Recommendation: 18+ women and men
Mind Pump is hosted by Sal Di Stefano, Justin Andrews, and Adam Schafer. They were all personal trainers that came together to "cut through the fitness world BS". They are brutally honest (in a good way) about everything they discuss. I learn so much about food, workouts, gym etiquette, and so much more when I listen to them. They interview people who they believe are spreading good information to the public and only accept sponsorships from companies that they approve of. The episodes are hilarious and very informative.

3. The Health Code
Age Recommendation: 18+ women and men
The Health Code is hosted by Sarah Stevenson and Kurt Tilse. This couple is the parents of an adorable baby named Fox and they live in Australia. Sarah and Kurt are very active and strive to eat whole natural foods. Sarah is known as Sarah's Day on Youtube and Instagram. They are both hilarious and share the best stories. My favorite thing about their podcast is that it is very conversational based since oftentimes it is just Kurt and Sarah on the podcast. They share good tips about food, careers, lifestyle, relationships, and fitness. They also interview people from all fields, including Steve Cook.

4. Ed Mylett Show
Age Recommendation: 18+ women and men
Ed Mylett is an author, entrepreneur, speaker, and is one of the top 50 wealthiest under 50 (wow). He interviews people with interesting stories and backgrounds. Everyone from US Navy Seals to professional baseball players. Ed often asks about their childhood and their dreams as a kid. The information is so valuable and significant because shows how successful people have their own struggles and what they had to do to accomplish their dreams. Personally, my favorite episode was when Ed interviewed Robert James O'Neill, the man who shot Osama Bin Laden. The story behind the assassination plan and how Robert became a Navy Seal was extraordinary.

5. Forensic Files
Age Recommendation: 18+ women and men
Forensic Files is a TV series and podcast that discusses murder cases and how they were solved. It is very interesting to hear how forensic science helps solve cold cases and current ones.

6. Food for Thought
Age Recommendation: 18+ women and men
Food for Thought is a podcast hosted by the leading nutritionist in the United Kingdom, Rhiannon Lambert. She discusses all topics on nutrition including the truth about carbohydrates, intermittent fasting, protein consumption, etc. She also interviews other professionals that dive into other topics such as fitness, pollution, social media, etc. I like how factual her podcast is and LOVE her accent.

What are your favorite podcasts? Let me know on Instagram or comment below.


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