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Gymshark Review

Gymshark is becoming increasingly popular all over the world. Gymshark pays men and women to be "Gymshark athletes" and wear their clothes and promote them. I am not a Gymshark athlete but I want to give my honest opinion about the company. Enjoy!

-There are many colors and styles.

-Affordable, much cheaper than Lululemon (Lululemon's most expensive leggings are $128 while Gymshark's is $55)

-The leggings are stretchy but fit well to your body

-They have high waisted leggings

-Gymshark has two HUGE sales every year (I got a pair of leggings for $15)

-You can look at Gymshark athletes' Instagram accounts and see what styles you like and how they look

-Most of the leggings are squat proof and sweat proof

-You can support athletes by using their commission link. My favorite Gymshark athlete is Libby Christenson (@libbychristenson on Instagram) click HERE to use her link

-The founder was 19 years old when he started the company and is an inspiring person. His I…

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