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Easy Food Swaps

Eating healthier can be tough, especially if you crave sweets and carbs (like me) and you are having a hard time deciding what to eat. Here are some food swaps that have changed my lifestyle and hopefully yours too!

1. When cooking, use olive oil. Olive oil has been proven to be beneficial for your body in so many ways. It has lots of antioxidants, healthy fats, and has strong anti-inflammatory properties. Also, it has been proven to help prevent memory loss!
2. Instead of adding sweeteners to your coffee, add almond or coconut milk. Coffee sweeteners are filled with sugar and artificial flavors while almond and coconut milk have nutritional value.
3. Instead of cow milk, drink almond milk. I only add almond milk to my shakes and smoothies. Almond milk has far fewer calories in it than dairy and more calcium. 
4. Instead of sweet tea, have unsweet tea and add fruit, herbs or honey to give it more taste. I love to have lemon and honey in my tea. During the summer I add mint leaves!
5. …

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