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How to Study for the ACE CPT Test

 At the beginning of January, I decided to get my personal training certification. I chose to get it from ACE due to good reviews and there was a sale for the certification. I took the test on April 10th and I passed! Today I will be sharing tips on how to study for the test so you can become a personal trainer! 1. Become familiar with the language of the certification organization ACE has a model for cardiovascular and muscular training. The model has specific terms that are only used within ACE trainers. The textbook and the videos are very helpful to get familiar with the jargon.  2. Pay attention when you get your CPR/AED test The ACE CPT test changes every year; however, when I took my test I was surprised at how many questions were about CPR guidelines.  Also, be familiar with RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation). 3. Quizlet is your bestfriend There are hundreds of quizlets about ACE. Here are some that I used!

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